"Knowledge is an exceptional gateway for excellence"

His Holiness Khwaja Motamiyan Chishty-III (R.A)

Who are we?

The Global Sufi Peace and Research Foundation is a registered charitable trust inspired by the historical Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol (Khanwada-Chishtiya-Faridiya-Sabiriya), one of the oldest traditional Sufi Shrines in India. The present Sajjadanashin-Successor of the Gadi of Motamiyan Mangrol is His Holiness Khwaja Salimuddin Fariduddin Chishty. He is also the founder and chief patron of the foundation. This foundation aims to focus on sectors like Education, Health, Spiritualism and Social well-being.

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The Inception

"Education enables us to understand the importance of understanding"
His Holiness Khwaja Fariduddin Motamiyan Chishty (R.A.)

There are many examples of how education has brought societies together to achieve a common ambition of growth within communities. With the correct guidance, this ambition can be translated into an achievable goal to benefit future generations. Despite numerous educational institutes, there appears to be a lack of direction for our youth. HHFMC Educational Campus strives to focus on this project with a view to satiating the need of this generation with value-based quality training.

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The Campus

Our quest to deliver a combination of programmes filled with technical prowess and self elaboration sets us apart from other institutions. The collective ambition of our team members is to assist students with excelling in all-round education. On this campus, young minds will be nurtured to embrace excellence and agility. Mastering oneself takes discipline of the mind and body.

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Areas Of Education

Pre-School to
Higher Education

Our Vision

“Eradicating ignorance is the quintessence of Education”
Dr. Matauddin Chishty-Peerzada

At HHFMC Campus, we strive to empower members of all communities by imparting knowledge blended with the virtues of humanity. Our aim is to create a ripple effect of well-being within society. We strongly believe that education is a gateway for the greater good. Our success lies in our efforts to provide equal opportunities for growth to all, irrespective of socio-economic background.

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Our Mission

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela

Through the medium of quality education, HHFMC Campus aims to emancipate students from ignorance & social evils and transform them into intellectual, imaginative & capable individuals. This can be achieved by channelling their energy in a positive and productive direction. Provide a strong academic foundation whilst also providing tailored teaching to the individual relevant in the present scenario.

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Make a Difference

We would be grateful if you could support our vision to help shape a better future for the next generation. All forms of donations are accepted. Please feel free to connect with our team for further details.

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