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We take great pride in our school’s uniform, as it not only instils a sense of discipline and belonging but also reflects the high standards and values, we uphold at HHFMC Public School. Our uniform is a symbol of unity and equality among our diverse student body. Below, we outline the uniform requirements for each category:

Pre-Primary Boys:

Red T-shirt: Pre-Primary boys are to wear a vibrant red T-shirt that adds a touch of youthful energy to their look.

Checkered Shorts: Paired with the red T-shirt, pre-primary boys wear comfortable checkered shorts for ease of movement.

Pre-Primary Girls:

Red T-shirt: Our pre-primary girls also wear the bright red T-shirt, fostering a sense of unity with their fellow students.

Checkered Skirt: Complementing the red T-shirt, pre-primary girls sport a charming checkered skirt that embodies the essence of early education.

Class 1 – 12 Boys:

White Shirt: Starting from Class 1 all the way to Class 12, boys are required to don a crisp white shirt that exudes sophistication and professionalism.

Navy Blue Trousers: Our students wear navy blue trousers that reflect a sense of responsibility and maturity.

Tie and Belt: A tie and a belt add a touch of formality and completeness to the attire.

Socks and Black Shoes: Black socks and shoes complete the look, creating a sense of uniformity and neatness.

Class 1 – 12 Girls:

White Shirt: Our female students in Class 1 to 12 also wear the classic white shirt that symbolizes purity and knowledge.

Navy Blue Skirt: Pairing the white shirt, our girls don navy blue skirts that are both comfortable and elegant.

Tie and Belt: Just like the boys, girls wear a tie and a belt to complete their attire.

Socks and Shoes: White socks and Black shoes add a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Optional Items:

For added flexibility, we offer the following optional items:

Black or Navy Blue Burkhi: Girls have the option of wearing a black or navy blue burkhi that matches the colour of the skirt, providing a cultural and comfortable choice.

Black Leggings: Along with the skirt, girls can opt for black leggings that offer warmth and flexibility.

On special occasions, we celebrate the rich tradition of our school’s house system. Students are encouraged to wear their house-specific uniform on these memorable days, creating a strong sense of camaraderie and competition within our school community. Whether it’s a sports event, house competition, or any special gathering, the house uniforms foster a spirit of unity and healthy competition, encouraging students to proudly represent their respective houses. It’s an exciting opportunity for our students to showcase their allegiance to their house and to experience the collective pride that comes with being part of the HHFMC Public School family.