Best App For Sexting Strangers? Here Are My Top Five Choices!

Best App For Sexting Strangers? Here Are My Top Five Choices!

It should come as no surprise that I’m a habitual sexter. In fact, I spend 90% of my time sexting strangers via networks, not people that I know. Some may think that’s weird but trust me, it’s anything but. In fact, it’s effective as can be, especially when I use certain apps. I’ve done the research and put the time in, now it’s time to share the results. If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the best app for sexting strangers?” Then I’ve got you covered. Not with one, but with my top five suggestions for those looking to sext strangers.

This Is The Best App For Sexting Strangers (Securely)

Now, it’s my privilege, honor, and duty to share what I think Meetville is the best app for those that want to sext people they don’t know and perhaps meet up locally to hook up. This list is by no means the full list of apps that you can use for successfully sexting strangers today.

However, my objective wasn’t to share all apps, just the best of the best and those that I enjoy using more than the rest.

How I Did My Research

Okay, so you may or may not know this but I’ve been doing a ton of research on this topic and I’ve done it by researching various sexting forum sites to find out what people are using today. Sites like , SextFun, and even some shady Kik forums.

After doing that, I ended up testing a ton of casual sex apps and determined which are the ones that people use most and ranked them based on how effective they were in helping me connect with locals looking to sext and hopefully bang. Here’s a rundown of the apps I use most for sexting strangers.

Oh, before I dive into this, I should also mention that most of these apps are also free hookup sites that I frequently use. So there’s a double benefit to using those which I suggest. Without further ado, here’s the “best of” list.

Snapsext – This app is the bomb and as far as I’m concerned, it was built for connecting strangers with an end goal of sexting, video chatting, and ultimately having sex locally. It’s far better than the traditional Snapchat in which you may get banned for if you’re not careful. This changed a lot of people’s lives I think. I know it’s changed mine for the better. Try it out but read this first.

Fling – Okay, this is by far the best app for sexting strangers, no doubt about it. I’ve been using this every single day for about two years now and it continues to deliver time and time again. There are more active people using this app than if you were to combine all the rest into one – no lie! I typically hook up with someone within 24 hours after connecting with them and sexting. It’s changed my life for the better and no doubt about it, this will change yours as well. Take a closer look and get more details here.

Easysex – Another winner, winner, chicken dinner when it comes to sext message success! The Easysex app delivers on the regular. It’s not the network that makes it work so well but the people. I mean, if someone’s using a dating network that’s built on the premise that having sex is easy, then you can only assume that it’s as good as it gets. I guess the bottom line is that sexting is easy using this “easy” app.

Instabang – Insta what? Yes, you read that correctly, BANG. The company behind the instant bang connections deliver as promised. People using this app love sexting and they do so with strangers they meet through the network. It’s got this geolocation built in which helps you connect while on the go via mobile. You know, the main time when you want to sext someone. I’d say try this one if you’re looking to bang.

InstantHookups – Another instant winner is none other than InstantHookups. I’ve recently started using this and so far it’s been good enough for me to include in my top five list. Yes, it’s a bit of a spinoff of the original instabang app but it works and has one thing that makes it stellar. What’s that one thing? It’s connected to the Fbook Network aka Fuckbook and that makes it super powerful. Lots of people to send sext messages with.

Well, I guess you’ve now got three options. You can try out one of the apps that I’ve suggested, you can keep searching my site for more articles and feedback or you can leave. Trust me, leaving will not get you laid any faster. Take some action buddy and be a winner today! Either that or be a complete loser and never get laid. Whatever you do, don’t go trying to hire some nasty escort off the U.S.A. Sex Guide or any of the other shady escort forums. You’ll really kick yourself in the ass for doing that!

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