The 3rd message: 29:step one so you’re able to – Will Live in the way that Jesus Desires You to Alive

The 3rd message: 29:step one so you’re able to – Will Live in the way that Jesus Desires You to Alive

v1 They are the conditions of your *covenant. Brand new *LORD ordered Moses to really make it with the *Israelites in the nation titled Moab. This was and the *covenant which he had made with him or her at the *Attach Sinai.

‘You watched all of that the latest *LORD performed in Egypt to the king, to all or any his authorities and to the their country. v3 You saw the great issues, the newest *signs plus the higher *secret. v4 Although *LORD has not yet provided to you yet , an intellectual that understands. You don’t understand what the sight select. You don’t know what their ears listen to. v5 “I provided your to have forty years on *wilderness. Your outfits and your boots don’t wear out. v6 You probably did not eat bread otherwise drink drink otherwise solid alcohol. I did things so you would know it: I am the new *LORD your own God.”

v7 You concerned this place. Sihon, king off Heshbon, and you can Og, king away from Bashan, fought against united states. However, i defeated him or her. v8 We got the country. I gave it to your *tribe off Reuben, the latest *tribe regarding Gad and you may 50 % of the *tribe out of Manasseh. It falls under her or him.

Here is what the guy told you

The ‘conditions of your *covenant’ (verse step 1) get consider chapters 1-twenty-eight. However in chapters 31 and you will 30 Moses repeats the latest *covenant with a new *generation out-of *Israelites. The guy reminds them about their background. The brand new *Israelites had most of the fled from Egypt. And they had all the had the experience of your own excursion using this new *wilderness. not, the folks one to Moses spoke in order to into the verse step one hadn’t had that experience themselves. Nonetheless they was indeed a portion of the nation called *Israel.

After that Jesus informs her or him how he’d delivered to her or him (verses 5-6). Goodness provided for him or her making sure that its clothing did not wear out. He’d given to him or her food and water. The guy aided them to overcome brand new leaders. God offered in it the country as a result it belonged to help you them. They’d done absolutely nothing to need they. However, each *group obtained a portion of residential property since their palms. That has been similar to a father whom divided his land certainly one of their sons prior to his dying. Yet not, the brand new *Israelites failed to appreciate properly what God had done for him or her. It would not believe him. Thus, Goodness did not allow them to understand what he previously done. For this reason, this new *Israelites failed to hear the brand new *prophets. And later, of numerous didn’t tune in to Goodness himself.

And then he urges these to getting *loyal so you’re able to God

v10 ‘Today you are reputation ahead of the *LORD your own Jesus. The new chiefs of the *tribes, their leadership, your officials, as well as the latest males from *Israel, try here. v11 The wives plus youngsters are here. Brand new people from other countries are right here. It cut the timber and so they gather their water. v12 You’re here in purchase to go into into which *covenant for the *LORD the Jesus. The newest *LORD is actually making it *covenant to you now together with his promise. v13 Now he’s setting-up which. You’re their people in which he will be your God. This is what the guy promised to you along with your *ancestors Abraham, Isaac and you can Jacob. v14 I am not saying making this *covenant which guarantee only with your. v15 Your remain here around in front of the *LORD the God now. However, And i am making it *covenant which promise that have people who are maybe not right here today.’