The Inception

Education enables us to understand the importance of understanding

There are many examples of how education has brought societies together to achieve a common ambition of growth within communities. With the correct guidance, this ambition can be translated into an achievable goal to benefit future generations. Despite numerous educational institutes, there appears to be a lack of direction for our youth. HHMC Educational Campus strives to focus on this project with a view to satiating the need of this generation with value-based quality training.

During our regular community welfare drives, we came across children of all ages being deprived of quality education. A dearth of knowledge naturally leads to educational growth being stunted, a cycle which in today’s world is disappointing. Volunteers at GSPRF reached out to those affected in the hope to understand why such challenges exist and what this foundation can do to help overcome this.

After Numerous discussions, it was determined that financial aid would only serve a short term solution. It was agreed that a more robust solution would be to provide quality education which would rebuild lost confidence, alleviate sorrow and give hope for the future. This realisation gave inspiration for GSPRF to pave forward with this institution.